The mortgage crisis is the result of unbelievable greed and exploitation by Wall Street and the largest financial institutions. While the major lenders in America and the world try to blame the homeowners, it is clear that they provided mortgages to working people that were structured to fail.

Apply for the Home Save Program

Homeowners should call the Home Save Department where you will be assigned a Home Save Advocate to assist you throughout the process in obtaining an affordable mortgage. This advocate will assist you with preparing for your initial counseling session.


Sign Up to Apply for the Program

Contact the Home Save Department at (801) 401-6222 to be assigned an advocate.

Whats Next?

Once your web-file has been completed an advocate will assist with preparation and with initial counseling session

Step 2

Complete the Web-file consisting of inputting your personal data and financial information

Start Your Web-File

Step 3

Provide identifying documents necessary for your submission to your servicer/lender.

Step 4

Schedule a counseling appointment.





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