Become a Member & Volunteer

NACA Membership

NACA is a membership organization whose mission is to stabilize communities through affordable homeownership and to advocate for economic justice. NACA is open to all community residents and NACA Members receive all of NACA’s services for free.

How to Become a Member

  1. Homebuyers (Purchase Program): Attend a NACA Workshop
  2. Homeowners (Home Save Program): Complete your web submission or contact Home Save Department at 801-401-6222
  3. Volunteer and Become a NACA Advocate

Volunteer for NACA

The successes of NACA have only been possible with the hard work of its Members. The work is exciting and fulfilling since it leads to real change and community building. There is plenty to be done, and we need your help to make calls, prepare mailings, participate in actions, speak at rallies, etc. Please let us know how you would like to join in the effort:

Activities Sign-up

Select as many of the below activities on how you will participate with NACA:

By my signature(s) below, I pledge to participate with NACA in future community outreach and advocacy campaigns. I understand that community advocacy is the major reason that NACA can provide America’s Best Homeownership Program including free individualized comprehensive housing services. I embrace NACA’s mission to revitalize communities, advocate against financial exploitation, promote economic justice, and eliminate predatory and discriminatory lending practices.

I therefore pledge to stand with NACA in pursuit of this mission. I will participate in at least five actions and activities a year, such as neighborhood outreach, distributing information about NACA, informing people about NACA’s Purchase and Home Save programs, participating in rallies and demonstrations and providing public education, or in whatever way I feel comfortable in support of NACA’s mission. Participation begins from the time I begin the NACA process and for as long as I have the home NACA has helped me purchase or save.