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Pre-purchase Counseling Training
9:00AM - 5:30PM
This course is designed to equip counselors with the skills required to provide comprehensive counseling for homebuyers through the homebuying process and long-term sustainability of the home. Counselors will learn the principles of pre-purchase counseling including assessing homeownership readiness, affordability, budgeting, savings, credit counseling and debt counseling. It would identify roadblocks preventing a client from becoming a successful homeowner and identifying viable solutions for clients. Through interactive case studies the counselors will learn how to educate their clients on creating and maintaining a realistic budget that includes real expenses, debts and income. The training will identify and present opportunities to improve client’s financial management including increasing their savings needed to buy a home. Counselors will learn to help their clients maintain good credit, manage and reduce debts, as well as recognizing warning signs of potential debt problems. They will also learn to monitor client’s progress and prepare a comprehensive action plan. The training will also include the following: identifying predatory and discriminatory lending practices; information on client’s rights under Fair Housing; identifying resources available for down payment assistance; and financing options so that clients can make sound decisions in the process of buying and sustaining a home for the long term.
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