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We need your participation to mobilize community residents in support of NACA endorsed candidates who will fight for affordable homeownership and economic justice. You can do this crucial work as a volunteer or paid by going door-to-door as a canvasser and/or working on a phone bank. You can also encourage people you know to vote and of course vote yourself.

This work is now through election day, and you do not need to be in the voting district to participate. NACA is unleashing its power - PARTICIPATE NOW & JOIN US!

Participation Activity/Volunteer
To ensure our candidates' success, we would like you to participate in one of or all three of the opportunities described below.
  • Canvassers - Outreach and door knock in neighborhoods throughout the district. Speak to the residents about the importance of their vote and encourage them to vote for NACA endorsed candidates.
  • Phone Banks – Work from a local call center speaking with voters and encouraging them to vote for NACA endorsed candidates.
  • Personal Outreach – Reach out to at least 10 registered voters (i.e., family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, church members) to encourage them to vote for NACA endorsed candidates. This can be done through texting, calling, visiting, or taking them to vote. We are asking you to provide your outreach list to NACA for us to follow-up.

You can be paid or volunteer and receive participation credit. You can also do a combination of paid and volunteer participation. Canvassers are paid $17.00 per hour and Phone Bankers $15 per hour. Script and training are provided. These activities are on-going with varying schedules.

NACA is well positioned to be the deciding factor in these elections, please participate in as many of these activities as possible by signing-up below. You do not need to live in the district or voting area of the candidate to participate. Once you sign-up we will follow up with training dates and times.

Thank you and we look forward to your participation.

Bruce Marks
CEO & Founder

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