Sign Up as a Paid Canvasser or Poll Advocate in GA

NACA is increasing turn out across Georgia to vote for Reverend Ralph Warnock and Jon Ossoff for the Senate. This is the most important election in Georgia's history and you can make history. You can do this crucial work and be paid by going door-to-door as a Canvasser or encouraging people at the polls to contact people they know to vote. This work is from now through election day January 5th. Black, Brown, Indigenous, and immigrant-majority precincts are disproportionately affected by the barriers to voting. NACA is unleashing its power and fighting back. PARTICIPATE NOW & JOIN US!

Here's how it works:
1. Sign up below to be either or both a Canvasser or Poll Advocate
  • Canvassers - Work in large groups blanketing neighborhood. He/she speaks to identified voters to speak with them about the importance of their vote and to vote for Reverend Ralph Warnock and Jon Ossoff during early voting or on election day.
  • Poll Advocates - Works the polls during early voting and on election day. The Poll Advocates employ the Vote Tripling program by asking voters to triple their vote advocating with at least three friends to vote. This can be done by texting, calling, visiting or bringing them to vote.
2. We'll follow up with training dates and times.
3. We will work with you to work in areas or polling sites nearest to you.
4. You'll stay outdoors adhering to PPE and you won't talk to anyone without a mask: "No Mask, No Ask."

Paid canvassers, either full or part-time, become temporary staff of NACA earning $13.50 an hour.

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