The calculator below will give you an idea of either a maximum purchase price based on your desired monthly mortgage payment or a monthly mortgage payment based on your desired purchase price. This is an estimate. You will work with your NACA Mortgage Consultant to determine what you can actually afford. Remember, you will need to document monthly Payment Shock savings - the difference between your rent and desired mortgage payment.
Mortgage Calculator for NACA Mortgage
Enter your Desired Payment (Will Calculate Purchase Price or Mortgage Amount).
Enter your Desired Purchase Price (Will Calculate Monthly Mortgage Payment).

Desired Payment: Principal, interest, taxes, and insurance
Property Type: One to four families, condo and co-ops
Rent Per Unit: Mortgage payment reduced by 75% of rental income
Down Payment: 100% Financing
Principal Reduction:
Mortgage Term:
Interest Rate: 30 year fixed. One percent below the conventional market rate
Buy-down Amount: 1% of mortgage permanently reduces interest rate by 0.25% down to zero percent
Interest Rate With Buy-down:
Closing Costs: Paid By Lender
Monthly Taxes: Rate is based on per $1,000 of mortgage
Monthly Insurance Per Unit:
HOA / Condo Fee:
Home Save / Membership Fee: Provides post purchase counseling and financial assistance and other NACA benefits
Purchase Price: